Taste the Difference

Spotting the difference, and I certainly hope you can, will mean the difference, should you be tempted to taste either of them, between life and a painful death, even though the edible item may shorten your life by giving you diabetes at the very least.

The can of condensed milk was burning a hole on my cupboard shelf and on my psyche, so to rid myself of temptation I used it to make energy bars this morning from the kitchen of Munroist. Now that they are safely stored for future use in the freezer, I can relax.

It’s blip companion is a very large fungus under a tree near where I’m sitting at the tennis courts. This is a spot I favour on my walk round the marches as the gentle patting of tennis balls on the courts has a distinctly soothing effect.

Whereas yesterday I had weather alerts of thunderstorms and flooding on my phone for today, all that has happened to date is a feeble, warm, cloying mist and some light drizzle at first light. Now the sun is a light cloud cover away as if to apologise for its non appearance earlier. However my phone is still threatening thunder and lightning this evening.
I do like a good display of nature’s bad temper when I am safely ensconced in the security of the house and not under that lone tree in a field.

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