Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Tai Chi in the Park

This is my super Tai chi’s teacher’s complex set up in Volunteer Park, just next to the Seattle Asian Art Museum,  with such beautiful trees.    She had to give up the studio and has been doing zoom from her home since March but this summer trying hybrid zoom and park… in 3 different with wifi hotspots (when it works) and her iPhone camera and the laptop with the zoomers, she’s trying to teach in both directions. She used to bring flowers but the water spilled too many times... There were 6 of us in the park, more on zoom,  (the ground here is pretty level) as I went to this extra class to pick up something from her.. Usually I zoom on my rooftop deck once a week.   Have to applaud and respect her!  In October I suspect it will be back to all zoom. 

And yes, I stuck this little Rick Steves tour emblem on the grass as today was the last day of our family tour.  Of course there were no tours in you think it’ll be a collector’s item?   haha.    I’m not nearly as exhausted as I would have been in Rome today as we got ready to fly back to Seattle.   The other 2 families were going somewhere else for a few days.  Thanks for putting up with my travel musings….I think you could tell how I love Italy and even these 6 days in 3 places would have been fun, altho not my favorite way to travel...…our family is getting together (at a distance ) tomorrow, I think, with an exciting new addition to meet. 

Extra..a female party at the pond in volunteer park.

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