Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Garden

Lovely slow morning,  nice and quiet.   

The report from the guys trip home last night was 1 lane open at the border , 3 cars, 5 min total.   what a pleasure.   Home by 10:00 and Nik is gone..out with friends til who knows when…. they are all leaving for college soon…It was so nice of him to give us those days here.

Then we tackled the mouse house.   It’s an enormous job…I can’t last like H can.  Cloroxed off the table and kitchen counters…and the kitchen drawers where I keep pastas, rice, flour, sugar etc….every bag was empty..(Lasagna?…)   except the flour and especially the sugar…. threw them out of course.   Mice watching their sugar intake?  They also left a chocolate candy on the counter.
Every clothes drawer has to be washed…. I think we must have more clothes here than in Seattle.    So…here’s the opportunity to get rid of at least half…and take those home to wash there before they go to Good Will.     We’re worried about the water supply.   Our little pond is almost empty like it hasn’t ever been…

But there bags of food etc that need to be dumped….. a trip to Saltspring or maybe Galiano.   We also can't  burn the trash because of the fire ban which will mean more stuff to take off island.    I think we’re getting too old for this kind of  “remote”adventure

I did have to quit and have a wee nap on the cottage porch…with the newly cleaned skylights and the sounds of water and a few boats.   Lovely!   The temperature is perfect and the air was better today.   

However there were no photos taken today so here you get my “garden”  (garden lady by a friend.) At least no water is required.    You can see the golf cart by cabin with bags of clothes and trash ready to go elsewhere   and to be washed in cottage,…. sigh.

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