Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Tall is good

Had to blip this job because if Eric wasn’t here, Herb would insist and I would be the one holding the not entirely steady ladder… to wash 2 years of grim off the porch skylights .   The taller the better… Thank you thank you Eric! For saving me. He also replaced the flags on the beach ( first extra) on the flagpoles that we stuck in the rocks 31 years ago.!   That little island is where the boys have gone in the small tin boat that we launched last night to play basketball on a court those wonderful “ neighbors “ made for their kids… now grandkids…!  The second extra is the cleaning crew, recorded.   Edit: combined this. 
The 3  are just off for the ferry, with a big load of all the couch and chair slip covers to clean and send back up in a week with other son Peter.   Only 1 bag of plain ol wash was forgotten.   We have to wash every bit from  our drawers….. H found a mouse nest in one of his.    1 load a day to be kind to the unknown water supply.   I guess tomorrow we’ll start on the “mouse house”…didn’t want any of them in there bringing anything bad back to Anne during her chemo.
Those boys drink a carton (1/2 gallon) of milk a meal I think…. Unbelievable. 
But such a worthwhile ( and somewhat chaotic) visit 2 weeks before Nik heads to college.   We are very grateful.  and very tired. 
We are not grateful for the unhealthy air quality now of 126. 

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