Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Brilliant idea…

Spent times in the mouse house, had a wee nap, and then we were invited to the neighbors in Sphinx island ( where the boys played basketball) for drinks and nibbles. Herb had to stop and take a break!  Diane and John have been so nice to us… had us for dinner when we were first here early 90s  living on our sailboat…. They had a very rustic little cabin then and 3 lively kids ( the teen took me for a ride on his catamaran) but now they have a very beautiful fancy house built off the grid.  They were the first to text when the border opening was announced….. it was great to catch up.    Well I had to blip this creation of theirs to help her get in her kayak….she’s not as old as I but has mobility and strength issues so stablises the kayak in this and can get out using the bars and ladder.   I think it’s brilliant.  I’ll bet cottage magazine would like an article.  Sorry I didn’t get a better photo. 

 Some one of you might be wondering about my rowing boat…since last week I couldn’t bend over to touch the floor I haven’t quite figured out yet how to get in or out…. But I will later…. There’s not time this week anyway… It’s a small effort just getting  in the tin boat  ( extra…with our dock beach and cabin in background)   My stick makes a good boat hook. Other extra. Their view from their house…..the orcas came right through here. 

Forecast for rainstorm tomorrow…. Here’s hoping.   
And apologies for not getting back to you in timely manner… I do appreciate your comments! 

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