Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


A long catch-up on the phone with a friend on Thursday was followed later in the day by a drive down to Hogganfield Loch in Millerston.

Other friends who live in that area had mentioned how busy it had been (the car park there is a small one and local street parking isn't permitted) but I reckoned I would be OK now that the schools were back and that it was round 6pm when I arrived. I was wrong: there was still a queue of cars trying to get in and another queue trying to leave.

A U-turn, a drive back up to Millerston itself and a change of plan. My route instead took me into Cardowan Moss Local Nature Reserve and I walked through that, emerging at Frankfield Loch in Stepps. That's where today's photo was taken.

It was nearly 8.15pm before I came out of the woodland and so I decided to give Hogganfield Loch (by now just across the road) a miss. When I return, I'll need to factor in a different starting point and a longer walk there and back.

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