Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

How many beans make six?

Another beautiful day, tho' it took a while for the sun to heat up. I took my Wollemi pine out of the bed that I'd planted it in earlier in the year as the deer had had another go at it while we were away. They hadn't ripped it right out as they did the first time, just knocked it over, so I potted it up again and trained a new shoot as leader and will keep it protected maybe until next spring when I'll try to find somewhere away from their nibbling little choppers!

I went down to the Glencruitten Walled Garden this afternoon to see what the runner beans were doing. Just growing, what did I expect! I picked six pounds which will keep me going for a few days! I can see that we're going to be giving them away!

Quote of the Day:

Sarah Josepha Hale (The Good Housekeeper – 1839) - “Green beans, or string beans as they are usually called, must be done [boiled] until very tender – it takes nearly an hour and a half.”

(Well she's not going to be cooking my runner beans!)

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