Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Last day of summer?

The UK weather bods have been talking about today being the 'last day of summer', what with Storm Kyle (was that the name?) coming in followed by another couple of weeks of wind and rain.  I don't completely believe them, but all the same was determined to get a summery shot for today.  Actually, looking at this it does have a definite tinge of autumn in it with the discoloured leaf and those slightly tatty fringes to the peacock's wings.

Not a lot else.  Still a touch tired, but generally feeling better, and revelling in having not much to do.  Admittedly the boiler did break down last night so we're a little short on hot water, but a lovely guy will come and fix it on Wednesday and meanwhile - I just don't care!!

Happy Monday evening  xx

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