Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The girl with green eyes

Today was rather full of jobs and not very full of energy so I was very pleased to find this little creature residing in the washing up this morning.  Ah. I thought, perfect for TinyTuesday, but of course she's not a vegetable.  Still, I reckoned she deserved a blip slot, so here we are anyway.  Looking online, I thought she was paracorsia repandalis but that's now been corrected by kind blipper La55e to Pleuroptya ruralis, common name Mother of Pearl Moth, wingspan approx 30mm.

Not much else.  A local walk with Hazel and a little gardening.  A patch of earth has been sorted and dug over for my new rose, tucked between Gertrude Jekyll and a Rose de Rescht.  What fun!

And lastly, just to say, I'll be giving out WildflowerWeek21_20 hearts tomorrow.

Have a happy Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning  xx

PS: I'm not entirely sure it's a she, I'm just guessing ;))

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