Keith B

By keibr

Another day of Red House renovations

The garden is probably looking better than it ever has before. Partly that's because we've been home all spring and summer, and partly it's because the weather seems to have really suited so many flowers (and berries for that matter).

I was thinking this as I worked away on The Red House renovations, stripping away the old planks and installing the breathable waterproof membrane.
  I took pictures, both of the flowers and of the work on the house, and assumed my blip would be one of these.
And then, fairly late in the day, this butterfly came fluttering by and landed close to me, posing on this nasturtium while I grabbed my camera and took the photograph.
I like to know what I'm blipping so I tried to identify my butterfly and got as far as "probably a fritillary" but after that I came to a halt - there are just so many butterflies! Any suggestions are happily received.
intothehills suggested the male Silver Washed Fritillary and I'm sure he is right. It seems to be the only butterfly with that patterning plus the bands from the base of the wing heading out towards the edge. Many thanks iths!

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