Keith B

By keibr

Kayak, paddling into town

I thought I'd be mostly working at home today but, as so often, life took another turn.
I had a doctor's appointment at 1 o'clock but thought I'd be home soon after to carry on working on The Red House. But we decided to drop into Rose's for a coffee, and she had just baked blueberry muffins so we stayed a little longer. Then there was the suggestion of a walk to look at the small ravine Jan showed in her blip a few days ago, and which I haven't seen. So off we went on our walk, accompanied by Quattro, the small terrier from next door.
We nearly got to our goal but then there was a barrier across the path with a dramatic notice "Danger to life if you continue!"!!. The military exercise area, which is generally open, was now in action and very much closed to the public. We heard no guns but decided to take no chances with our lives. The ravine will be there next week!
By now the bilberry muffins were digested and all that fresh air was making us hungry and it was nearly 5 o'clock so wwe decided dinner could be eaten at "Sams" on the waterfront in town.
And that is where this blip is from. An unknown kayak paddle coming into town. Behind him the Swedish equivalent of the RNLI lifeboat, and behind that the deepwater harbour with its recently delivered wind turbines parts awaiting transport and construction. Jan's blip today shows the same view but without the zoom lens, and with a couple of lovely people in the foreground.
Dinner over, we dropped Rose at home and headed back to our village. No work was done at home, no bilberries were picked, but we did enjoy a rather wild thunderstorm that appeared from nowhere.
I backblipped a Troll today too, for the 10th August.

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