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Diary Blip (Wednesday 19th August 2020)

Having done nothing during the lockdown when there was hardly any traffic, Wiltshire Council decided to close the A4 major trunk road for a couple of weeks in August for road surfacing, with barriers across the road here, just when the local businesses were struggling to recover, and when roadworks on the other roads in and out of Calne where also taking place, to compound the misery.
After strong protests from our local councillors, expressing the views of those affected, including myself, the council were persuaded to shift the time of these particular roadworks from daytime to the evening, starting on Monday night.
This has meant an 1800 hr curfew to get onto the driveway for the duration, and house-shaking vibrations throughout the evening. I am one house back from the main road so I can't imagine what it was like for my neighbours.
I took this snap from the mouth of the driveway this morning to see the results of the work so far. There used to be a turnpike across the road at this point, appropriately enough. You can see some of the furniture on the stone pillar.
I hope it isn't symbolic of the year, but something bad has happened to my Tree Of Heaven. It looked like this just a month ago.

So much clearer in Large (Gallery) view

19.8.2020 (1206 hr)

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Not being a fan of the band Franz Ferdinand, I was surprised to hear Alex Kapranos using a quite different voice on this duet with Italian superstar Clara Luciani of the Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra classic.

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