Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Shadow of a Swing

This morning we set off to spend a few hours looking after our younger granddaughter. Now 17 months she's a proper toddler and just such a delight. In some ways it was strange not to see her as part of the two girl unit but in others it was great to have her by herself. That hasn't happened before. What was strange was knowing that the five year old was so close by but not available for playing with us. She of course was safely at school which seems to be going well.

In the morning we walked round Lenzie Moss, the nature reserve local to the girls. That's a great place for a toddler and she did well walking till she fell asleep in her buggy. This afternoon we went to the local playpark. A very ordinary and straightforward activity but one that's been out of bounds for a few months.

I took a lot of photographs today of the trees on the Moss but for some reason this shadow of the toddler on the swing pleased me better. It's warm, hot even, and the colour of the playground soft landing was vivid.

Yoga soon then straight into a planning meeting. Two zooms though different. I'll be stationary in one and doing my best to balance and stretch in the other.

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