Not More Heather Surely?

If I'd remembered the subject that I set for today's Wide Wednesday challenge I might have organised my blip week better. Today was a miserable weather day but this afternoon it improved from pouring rain to a steady drizzle. The (optional) theme this week is 'Signs of Spring/Autumn' the variation, as you might have guessed, is because in the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite to here. Yes, I know it's strange.

We don't tend to get much Autumn round here until November time but the heather is a certain sign of autumn as are the fruits, berries and the mist. We've certainly got some mist today. I went up to Little Haldon Heath again and I quite like this shot which has the profile of 'those trees' in the distance. I look forward to going through your Wide Wednesday entries and I'll be giving out hearts and Hon Menches on Thursday evening (UK time).

The Iceland trip that was cancelled in March and rescheduled for October is looking very unlikely now. Iceland has brought in testing and quarantine (and who can blame them) so although it hasn't yet been cancelled, I think we can be pretty sure it will be. Ah well (as I've been saying quite a lot this year) it can't be helped.

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