Little Haldon Pines

A day of mixed weather but as I got up to the pines at Little Haldon the sun came through for a few moments. I was able to get a couple of shots but I wasn't in the best position before it disappeared. So what do you take the shot with composition or the shot with the light?

Wide Wednesday results

Some people have commented that it's a bit early for Autumn but as one who lives in the mild southwest where Autumn comes notoriously late, there are plenty of signs of Autumn if you look for them. Nature has its own calendar and doesn't take much notice of the equinoxes or the frameworks that we might try to impose on them.

As usual, you haven't disappointed me with your entries. The theme is optional and my choices are the ones that appealed to me the most. I've been looking for good photography and something that catches my eye.

This week my hearts go to:

marlieske for some lovely forest light

GrahamColling for a rainy Acer

rmeinz for fallen leaves in a woodland

freyjad for a gorgeous autumn scene

60plus for some beautiful roses and hips

My Honourable Mentions go to:

59 for some lovely spring blossom

CowgirlCarol estuary view

cassnett for her sycamore samaras

dollydoug for some lovely haws

SueMiddleton for some lovely heather

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