A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Whereas most people have weekends, that's a concept we left behind six years ago.  We don't have quite the equivalent but we have started having an 'unscheduled day' each week - a day where nothing is in the diary. It moves around the week to fit around things that need to be scheduled.

Today was one such day so while E headed up the hills I started on a few things here and then wandered down to the cemetery at the bottom of the lane.  It was somewhere I frequented in our early days here, when the landline incumbent was playing silly buggers and it was the only place that had a decent EE mobile phone signal.  (Still is; but we've since switched to BT).

However this time I went with camera rather than a list of phone calls to make. 

The quality of the stone carving on some of the memorials is stunning.

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