By Tryfan46

Winner, tallest sunflower at the allotment

Such a contrast to yesterday, lovely sunshine and a warm wind to help me up the hills on my run and cool me on the way home.

Susan’s day was hijacked by gas services who are replacing the mains in her mum’s road meaning she had to be at the house to let them in to turn the gas off. This was a movable feast with times being changed and the fitter being longer than expected. Instead of 30 minutes she was away a couple of hours. And she’ll have to do it all again tomorrow.

I went up to the allotment this afternoon to put in a few brassicas I’d been given, weed and earth up the leeks and pick more beans and a pile of raspberries.

Not much inspiration or opportunity for a blip so I’ll have to make do with these giant sunflowers.

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