Garden tableau

Ah! Friday evening. Start of the weekend. Traditional omelette and salad with a beer and chocolate to follow.

Windy today although I guess not as bad as the western side of the country. Hope it’s not been disastrous where you are.

We did Joe Wicks then went for a walk trying to squeeze it in before lunch and another trip to deal with the gas fitters up at Doreen’s. In the event they didn’t arrive til 5.00pm which meant Susan could complete her cleaning! Meanwhile, I battled with the rampant Virginia Creeper, clipped an evergreen bush, carried on with the shed guttering and generally pottered around in the garden, hence today’s blip.

The apple tree has not been very prolific this year and what has dropped is very wormy. Last year we were overwhelmed. It’s meant to be a good year for fruit, not here, but the allotment trees are heavily laden.

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