Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Three's a Crowd

After an extremely slow start this spring with butterflies, their numbers (at least for some species) are up now.  I counted 11 Eastern Tiger Swallowtails in the garden today - a new record for the year, and a very welcome one.  A male was harassing a female on the buddleia when they were suddenly joined by a second female.  For just the briefest of moments, it was pandemonium with me gleefully clicking away.  Soon enough, all three flew off in different directions.  

Hubs and I had our eye exams this evening - no change for him and just a little tweak for me.  I always have concerns about the cornea in my right eye (I have to keep it artificially lubricated since I don't produce tears in that eye anymore - thank you, brain tumor).  The doctor looked at it and said it looks healthy so I guess I'm doing all the right things.  Mild cataracts (normal for my age) requiring no action at this time.  

So, done.  Next on the agenda is getting hearing exams scheduled for us both.  Since I only have hearing in one ear, I am always a little anxious about the trip to the audiologist.  At some point, I will have some loss in my hearing ear which makes me nervous.  

Not much else going on today.  Tomorrow is my six-month (really more like 8 thanks to Covid) visit with my cardiologist.  I've already seen my lipid panel so I don't expect it to be anything other than a "how are you doing" visit.  

Oh, and how about Barack Obama and Kamala Harris last night?  Two extraordinary speakers and both decent human beings.  

Stay safe, people.  And as always - be kind and loving.


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