Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

The Guardian

The ruby throated hummingbirds are definitely on the move now.  Each day my yard numbers increase with both adults and juveniles, all loading up on calories in preparation for their journey.  When they aren't eating, they are either guarding their nectar sources or fighting.  Ounce for ounce, I'm not sure that there is a more contentious bird on the planet than hummingbirds.  One will take off after another, chattering madly, only to be joined by several more - all seemingly infuriated.  I, of course, am utterly charmed.  The time is drawing short.  In another month, there will only be a few stragglers left.  

I am posting early today since I've got a date with the cardiologist soon and then a date with Hubs for a walk in the park.  The weather is beautiful today - not too hot and a nice breeze.  

My mountain mint in the garden is absolutely covered in Metallic Green Sweat Bees - I am certain there are at least a hundred of them out there.  Makes me think several ground nest broods may have emerged recently.  In any case, I've never seen so many.  I was standing next to a big clump of mint this morning, soaking it in.  

Can you tell that I am feeling a bit sad that summer is rushing by so quickly?  

We stayed up late again last night watching the DNC - really thought Biden did a great job with his acceptance speech.  Although I have some concerns about him, mostly related to his age, I think he is a kind and compassionate human being who genuinely has the best interests of our country at heart.  

Be safe out there, people.  This virus isn't done with us yet.  And continue to be kind and loving.


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