Victoria at Play

Despite my grandson Oliver's problem of dislocating his elbow at judo yesterday afternoon, today Victoria (my granddaughter) came round to visit, to play with some of my electronic equipment and learn quite a bit in the process. Oliver is now in a satisfactory state and is resting at home and getting very bored since he cannot use his arm which means he cannot play on his Xbox.

Whilst visiting Victoria covered the basic principles of stored energy and resonant systems. This involved explaining the algebra behind the physics of such systems, transposing equations and calculating values. Before we started doing this however, she asked about the mechanical calculator, which was sitting on the window sill and I explained to her how it worked, comparing it with a modern electronic computer in terms of the registers and transfer of data. She thought it was great fun using this, especially as every time you made a mistake and the register overflowed it went 'ping'; which amused her greatly and she now refers to it as the 'ping' machine.

This picture was taken with available light and as the weather was very dull outside a large aperture was used so the depth of field is not very great making it a rather poor quality picture.

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