There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Love Birds

With things being what they are in the world right now, we had only visited my parents twice so far this year: once back in February, and once in June. Of all of the things that the coronavirus has stolen from all of us, time with those we love best is among the most precious of losses.

We were supposed to go to a family reunion in July that I always look forward to (here is a pic from last year's reunion), but concerns about the coronavirus, and the worry about our unintentionally taking very bad germs along and harming someone we love, kept us home. (How does this message sound? Strange but true: dear ones, I love you so much that I am willing to stay away from you to keep you safe.)

I had been wanting to arrange a visit for a while, and finally, on this day, the stars fell into alignment, and we went. My mom had been scheduled for an eye surgery the day before. She is experiencing glaucoma and macular degeneration, among other things. But on that day, the pressure in her eyes was very low, and the doctor, elated, urged her to defer the surgery until she needs it more.

So we found my parents (he's 90, she'll join him in October) both doing well, and my dad with a new haircut to help keep him cool in the hot weather. Tiny Tiger insisted on going along, as he is a big fan of my parents, and my mom especially. You may see T. Tiger enjoying a social distancing visit with my mom in the extras.

T. Tiger also checked out the garden, and in particular, the vegetable patch, where many pumpkins were growing. He found it amazing that there was a vegetable to match his orange self! We also managed to select several of my dad's tomatoes to take along home.

A few other family members showed up. We got to visit with my brother and his wife, and my little sister. They have been key players in helping out with my mom and dad on a daily basis, and I am so grateful for them and their loving care of ones who are so dear to me.

We did not wear masks but we did do the social distancing thing. Given the small number of people visiting, my husband and I were able to generally keep six or more feet between us and other family members. I did not hug my parents (a thing I look forward to doing again, someday when it's safe), but we did an elbow bump or two, with lots of "I Love You's" as we left.

Blip is where I place the most beautiful and precious memories from my days, and so I put this photo of my parents here. I love them, they are such a perfect pair together, and seeing their smiling faces makes me so happy. So here they are on Blip, to keep them safe. Our bodies must stay apart, it seems, but have no doubt that our HEARTS are always together.

My parents are fans of country music, and so I must choose a country song to go with this picture of long and lasting love. Here is one that fits, I think, for these two love birds: Don Williams, with Till the Rivers All Run Dry.

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