Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Riding Resumes

I've written before about my daughter, the horsewoman. Now no long riding herself she's a volunteer coach working with children who have additional support requirements. Riding for the Disabled (throwback terminology I know) was, and continues to be, an important organisation in all our lives.

Riding has resumed with many mitigations in place. This morning we went to the yard so that I could film a short video of Lyn to illustrate the changes. The video will be used by the organisation Special Olympics GB to alert athletes to the new ways of participating in sport.

Riders will be in classes of no more than four with one coach and one volunteer in attendance. Riders who need help to mount or dismount, or who need a side walker, will have to rely on parents or carers undertaking a training course on how to do these things safely. A 2 metre distance has to be observed at all times and there's lashings of hand sanitiser around the yard. Every bit of equipment (there is a lot) has to be washed and sanitised between riders.

Is it worth it? I think it is. I've seen first hand the positive effect of the relationship between horses and people. For children, young people and adults who require a bit of extra help this relationship can be lifechanging. I can be a bit of a cynic but I really think that equine therapy is a thing.

Beautiful day. Sunny, warm and breezy. I'm going out for a walk soon and hope to get a good few steps under my belt, so to speak.

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