Day at a Time

By Tweedy


No-one's going to accuse me of lack of pattern today. Nor colour but I've spared you that. I'm having lunch guests. We are having afternoon tea at lunchtime which is the best of all worlds as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately there's dreadful weather forecast - in fact it has arrived so we have to be in a well ventilated room rather than the garden. I am covering all bases. Flutes for the elderflower fizz (it is lunchtime and no-one wants alcohol in the middle of the day) and mugs for tea or coffee. Plates of various sizes, cake forks and spoons and a wipeable tablecloth because of the age of one of the guests. Napkins (and bibs for that one guest) yet to be strategically placed.

We will eat well in the middle of the day and, should we need anything later, I made some green soup last night. It will be healthy but I'm not sure how tasty it will turn out to be.

It's worrying that Covid numbers are moving in the wrong direction. I suppose it was inevitable as we took tentative steps towards fewer restrictions. It doesn't look terribly good so please stay safe and well.

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