By dreaming


Today was a beautiful day, cool, sunny, slight breeze.  It was a perfect day for a picnic and outside play, and the little family were once again out in the garden next door.  I wish I could get a sharper focus on these photos, but somehow the angle and the distance, and the limitations of my phone camera, make that impossible.  What I was thinking about as I reviewed my shots was the home movies we have from my childhood.  The light was the same - yellowy, very bright.  We had some good times then, visiting state parks and closer locales, and those films are a reminder.

Otherwise a day of chores.  I got a message from the census folks to let me know that a part-time office job is open for which I might be a candidate.  I applied for census jobs last November, before Covid-19 was in anyone's consciousness, and thought there was no longer any chance.  Of course it would have to be work that I could do from home, as I cannot take the risk of work out in the world.  I have no idea if that would be possible.  But it's 20 hrs/week and very good pay, so we'll see.

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