Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

2081. Loch Leven Walk

Going out for a short drive and a picnic if it's not raining has become something of a habit now and I have to say we have been really lucky with he weather and only had to eat our picnic in the car once so far!

I checked the web site for Loch Leven and of course the visitor centre and castle are still closed but there are some lovely walks near the loch to do.  Today we were blessed with half way decent weather...not hot or sunny but pleasant and it only started to rain as we were leaving.

We spotted two Herons skimming the loch and as they circled around I managed to get a slightly grainy shot (at full 200mm on my lens) of them flying by and I'm quite pleased with both shots...two of several I took but the others were quite blurred.  We also saw (and heard) Ospreys overhead and I also managed a very distant shot of one which although blurred is very clearly visible as an Osprey.

My second extra shows "Winnie" the 10 month old chocolate lab who was simply adorable....

Bumped into my middle step daughter, her partner, our grandson and some of their friends whilst we were heading towards a picnic table and it was lovely to see them as we missed them yesterday because of the limit on how many hosueholds we can meet up with indoors.

All in all a grand day out!

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