Saturday: Cash Money

I had my first ‘proper’ hair cut today since the pandemic began, i.e. not a haircut by that sought after stylist, K.  The hairdresser’s feedback was ‘a bit uneven but a good effort’.

I walked back from the hairdresser, about 50 minutes or so.  It was a lovely day and the walk was nice through residential streets.

We went to ‘St Lawrence’ with Pam and Joy tonight.  The meal was excellent, I had bison tartare, followed by lamb, rounded off with a caramel rice pudding.  We took two cabs back to theirs (these days it has to be two as you can’t sit in the front seat of the cab) and finished the evening off at their place.  

As for the photo, talk about an afterthought.  I had intended to take one of our evening out but I was a bit giddy and overexcited and didn’t realise until we were on our way home that I hadn’t taken a single photo today, so this is out of the back of the cab.

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