Life through the lens...

By ValC

Nature’s Bounty

First blackberries I have picked this year.
Now going into a blackberry and apple pie.

We did our lockdown walk this morning. First time for over a week.
The lambs have all gone ( won’t say where I think) just the mums remain in the field.
Then extended it to pick some blackberries as the ones we passed were rubbish.
Picked 1. 8 ozs.
Met a few people and had a chat
One an old friend I haven’t seen for a couple of years. We met at a Youth Club back in the 60’s.
She had picked 3 lbs of. Blackberries and as well as crumbles, was making an ice cream.

I just made it back before it started to pour down.

A nice afternoon with several phone calls with friends.

Now watching Mamma Mia. A great feel good movie with some wonderful songs.
Really cheers you up if feeling down. Fortunately we are lucky and feeling quite upbeat at the moment.
Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.

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