A day in the life

By Shelling

Sunday in the garden

Another Sunday, another cultural event in the garden. Apart from one of the concerts where we had some rain towards the end, they have all been warm, sunny and lovely. 

Today was chilly, rainy and also lovely, in another kind of way. The main artist proved to be several -all debutants, all with heavy backpacks. The main poet, a rather young girl, had invited a couple of friends to start the concert with a few songs. Very personal, very fragile and rather touching. She, herself, was very nervous but managed fine , getting her energy from her guitarist friend. 

The audience was mixed. Some of her family and young friends was there, but also a few regulars of older age. Because of the heavy thunder showers we were all sitting under the roof, the atmosphere was close and attentive and we all helped to make it a good concert. 

To be honest I wasn't very moved by the poems and songs but quite a lot by the quality of the audience, how they interacted with the performers and contributed to make it a nice event for all involved. You could call it a "poetry-concert by performers and audience".

Earlier in the day I had a visit from Thomas, my colleague from the folk- highschool, and his wife. We had a nice time chatting about what is going on in our  lives at the moment, sharing coffee and sandwiches. He's working half time now, being a pensioner next spring. His wife has yet a couple of years of working but we're all reaching the golden olden age. Curious, it feels like only yesterday I started my career as a teacher. In 82 it was.

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