a town called E.

By Eej

Tiny Murder

We got up early to beat the crowds for our breakfast. The nice thing about getting restaurant gift cards is that we can hang on to them and use for special occasions. So, this morning was our Valentine's Date :)

We stuffed our faces, were well looked after and went to get our groceries so not hungry it's a surprise we bought anything at all. Aldi wasn't open yet, but the golf course behind it looked lovely and white, plus I could hear the crows - I was off. There certainly weren't nearly as many as before as they had probably all left for the day (it was almost ten) but I still had a nice walk trying to get some of them to cooperate. Yeah. See those black specks in the distance? That's how well they listened to me.
I burned off quite a bit of breakfast :)

I've been proper lazy the rest of the day though :)

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