Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Not impressed!

What awful weather ....... thought it was supposed to be Summer .... it's more like late Autumn! Hope Storm Francis soon blows away!

Spotted this juvenile Starling on the fence ...... it was looking decidedly unimpressed by the wind & rain!

No call received yesterday! Apparently the doctor tried to ring Hubby 3 times yesterday afternoon ...... each time getting his "messaging service" ...... he doesn't have a messaging service! Guess it was the wrong number!

Hubby is expecting a call this evening from yet another different person (that will be at least 4 different people he has spoken to) ...... hopefully this time we will get some action! If something doesn't happen soon he is going to have to stop work ... he's in so much pain! He is considering a trip to A&E if nothing constructive comes from the call tonight!

Stay safe everyone :-)

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