Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Happier today!

Wednesday 26th August 2020                (backblip)

The wind continued to howl round & rattle the house overnight .... thankfully by this morning it was much improved .... we even managed some sunshine :-)

The juvenile Starling is looking much drier today ....... not sure if it is any less grumpy though judging by his expression! :-)

Hubby got his call yesterday evening ...... a different Nurse Practitioner ...... she really listened & asked questions. At last! She thinks it could be trapped nerve(s) in his spine ...... which is what we thought it could be ..... she prescribed stronger pain medication ....... has but him down for an urgent MRI & signed him off work for a month .... to be extended if necessary!

Hopefully now we can find out what the problem is & what can be done!

Stay safe everyone :-)

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