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Sad Little Kitten

This little girl was found abandoned and brought to our daughter’s surgery. She estimated it was about a week old. Sadly it has succumbed to an eye infection, probably Herpes, and was expected to lose sight in both eyes. With some TLC it seems to have retained some vision in its left eye, mostly just responding to light and dark.

Daughter has been hand feeding it and it has just about doubled in size and it is beginning to purr and walk about. It loves being cuddled and our eldest granddaughter is loving having it about.

Once weaned she will be operated on to remove the redundant right eye and our daughter knows of someone who already has one completely blind cat who may take it on.

We had visited our daughter to collect Finlay who has been resting there whilst we have been away. When we got home I tried to take him for a walk but he only managed about 5 minutes before stopping. So we are off to the vets again this evening :-(

I have been catching up with journals from the weekend, only about a day behind now...

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