By evolybab

Abstract Thursday...Homemade

I've spent far too long playing a with this image for today's abstract theme of 'homemade'
I don't do cake or jam making, or any of the crafts that people are so clever at. I've have used a beaded bracelet however, that was given to me a few years back and was bought at a craft shop in Dorset...and I have created the image myself using MirrorLab and Snapseed...thanks Ingeborg:)
My extra is Deana who called this morning to deal with the wasps nest in the rain...didn't take long, expensive at £85.... hope that's the last of them and my recent spell of bad luck!
Dreadful weather, non stop rain since 11.30 this morning, and thunder and lightening this afternoon :((

Thank you for the comments and stars, very much appreciated as always :)

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