Another Day

By BlackTulip

Dried to a crisp

but not for eating.

I had some lovely flowers for a recent birthday and once the Gerberas were past their best I left them to dry out.  Of course what I should have done was wire the stems because they all fell forward in varying stages of decay.

This was taken using the multiple exposure function, along with the overlay.

I bravely ventured over to MK this morning, mainly to give my car a good run, but also to go to WH Smith for a particular magazine.  Some of you will know MK well but for those of you who don't, most of the 'H' streets in the centre are dualled, and for the first time ever, this morning I met a car coming towards me down the wrong carriageway.  Fortunately the "unfortunate" lady was driving slowly and seemed to have realised her mistake.  Luckily there wasn't much traffic about.

Last night's meal out worked very well, it was busy but well organised.  There could be a repeat next week.

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