A Day In The Life

By Irish59

A Touch of Fall

It isn’t even the end of August and already there are signs of Autumn all around our yard. After a summer of hot, humid and dry conditions, the weather seemed to turn chilly overnight, and a heavy dose of rain arrives tomorrow • As for those early signs? The burning bush is tinged with red, the bamboo is blossoming, shadows are growing longer, the annual flowers look tired with their sad brown leaves, pumpkins on the vine are ripening, but the best one of all is the last. A favorite beer brewed by Shipyard has finally arrived in stores: Pumpkinhead! • This is Newt, one of our three cats, and the only one allowed outside. Many of you may recall her story. Neighbors moved, abandoned her, and she lived the first three years of her life outside; it took three years for us to build trust, tame her and introduce her to our house. She’s our success story, and she is as sweet as she looks. We love her so • Happy Friday!

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