Life Savors

By osuzanna

Tiny Tuesday Results

I sincerely apologize that these results are about 24 hours late, but I had several online workshops yesterday and the day got away from me.  

This week's optional theme was "mystery macro" and many of you joined in with some entertaining and clever entries.  My favorites were:

They all baffled me, so I have left out the descriptions to see if you can figure them out yourself. 

My other favorite macro shots for this week were:
Trisharooni - for a high key gum nut
rmeinz - for acorn reflections
dbifulco - for a rearview
Maura143 - a beautiful cactus flower with visitor
isbi - for a winter blade of grass
wrperry - a jumping spider in its home

Please note that some of my hearts will come from my black and white journal "OS2"

Many thanks to all of you who joined in this week and for the previous three weeks.  This is great fun for me as always to host.  Next month's host is MaryElizaR who has told me she is already working on her themes so be on the look out. 

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