By KatesGardenPDX

Soft Unfurling

As I wrote that title I thought to myself that perhaps that's what the next week or two will bring for me. After 10 weeks of intense, remote teaching, I'm ready for some unfurling. I have grading to do, but it's coming piecemeal so it's all manageable. There's no more course prep and no more questions from 30 students. The week after Labor Day I am taking a vacation - staying at home - but no obligations other than seeing my parents.

I like it...a soft unfurling back into my life. So that's what this blip is....a dahlia in the late summer garden, softly unfurling. A perfect metaphor.

I look forward to diving into your journals this weekend. I'm so grateful for all of your kind comments, moral support, hearts and stars during this time when I've been too busy to barely do more than post a blip each day. And did you notice that it's almost been a year? 

Happy Friday!

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