By HeidiHH

New reality day 33

This is what we call "Deer bell" (Campanula glomerata) told to me by Seek app. I wouldn't know otherwise. I'm so bad with names. Be they human or plant.

It's been a rainy day. Showers all day long. I don't really mind as we did long walks yesterday and there's plenty to do in the house.

We finally took the kitchen by the horns and made decisions about the island. So, it's been some more demolishing and as the freezer and fridge needed to be temporarily relocated to the living room, I'm in the middle of painting the behind walls too. One hour to go to the second layer.

I've been playing around in my head about the colors to the island cabinets and the household utility room, and I think I'll go with grey. It sounds so boring, but I thing I'll go with that. Too much white is not good and it's easy to add color with other things. I actually have turquoise curtains hanging on the doorway (without any door). Not at the moment as I scraped the old plaster off the doorway and my husband is putting new framing. But after that, I'll hang them up again.

We also put in place the walk-in-closet door this morning. That was insane. The door is heavy. It's a special door that hold off sounds up to 34 decibels. And it's a very tricky place. Easy to get your fingers cut off, so we needed to be extra extra careful. I actually came up with a great solution for that. We put laminate pieces under the door. Shifted it to it's correct place so that the hinges will drop in correctly. And then to get it drop to it's place just take the laminate pieces off from underneath. We had to do that 3 times (the third was actually already very easy) as the new floor made the door stick to the floor, it needed to be "shaved" from underneath 2 times. We were exhausted after that one. And it's been a slow working duo ever since.

I still have 2 more heavy doors to paint. But today has been more about the kitchen and the utility room doorway. Also the next 2 door are the special knock off thingies so I wanna be on top of my game and not this sleepy head I've been ever since the door fitting this morning.

If we had sofas, I'd move them right next to the fridge in the living room so I could get a laugh. Hopefully our sofas will arrive on Friday as promised. Tomorrow we should get the green house. That's exciting. I'm thinking of making my husband put it up for the winter as it holds snow up to 180kg / m2. And so I could put some of the gardening stuff there for winter and then it would be ready for the spring. I might have told you this already. I can't remember. But I hope I can show your the greenhouse very soon!

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