By KatesGardenPDX

Down by the River

My co-grandmother and I took the grandchildren (almost 3 and 7) down to the Willamette River today. This is the river that bisects the city of Portland east and west. We were hoping to find just a bit of water without other people so the kids could explore and toss rocks in the river.  

We found a spot in the Sellwood neighborhood of the city - to the southeast. Portland has 12 bridges that span the Willamette River and this, the Sellwood bridge, is the newest, opening in 2016 - replacing a bridge built in 1925. A couple carry trains only, although most carry all sorts of vehicles.

It was a lovely afternoon to laze away by the river! Here’s a Wikipedia entry https://bit.ly/3bbVMzu on Portland’s bridges if you’re interested. Not sure if that will work since I’m posting on my phone.

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