By KatesGardenPDX

Last of the Monday Class Homework

It was all due at 5:00 pm, but I see that I'm missing a final project and a final exam from a couple of students....I'm sure I'll have an email later when they're questioning why they can't upload it. And the grading for the Monday section is just about up to date! The light grows brighter!! 

A short game of golf today followed by an afternoon in the garden - some of it I spent with camera and tripod. I was trying to take a macro of  a green caterpillar that was apparently eating the insides of all my geranium blossoms. I noticed that they weren't blooming and then saw the characteristic caterpillar poop and went looking. I had the wrong lens though and the photos just didn't turn out well. Probably just as well to spare you the gory details. So instead a return to my favorite dahlia! Still exploding with blossoms and color. What a joy!

Happy Monday!

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