Northern Star

By Lifferz

Unexpected treat

This afternoon I sat out in part sunshine, every now and then it was lovely and warm with a heat that warms through your bones. At 7pm, and under a blanket, I’m sitting on the outdoor beanbags, reading about politics and thinking that I need to move inside as it’s getting rather chilly.

I feel rather tired despite doing very little all day, maybe it’s because I’ve just let myself properly rest and haven’t put myself under pressure!?

MrH decided to christen the new food mixer by making cinnamon buns using a recipe that is in the complimentary book that the mixer came with. This blip shows them just before they went in the oven. He must have been pleased as he asked me to come and look at them as they may be worth blipping. The result was pretty impressive and like bakery quality (let’s not think too much about calories). It was an unexpected and nice way to mark the end of the summer holidays. I think this is the first time anything like this has been made in the house. I’ve never really seen a food mixer at work before, I can see why they are super helpful.

I’ve only had one week off and I know that the lead up to Christmas is likely to be a very very busy time for me. Onwards!

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