By Irish59


Is makin’ me late
Is keepin’ me waitin’...
- song by Carly Simon

This isn’t the best shot of the day but it’s certainly my favorite. That tongue! In flight to the feeder she’s anticipating the sweet nectar on her tongue. Can’t you just relate? You’re headed to one of your favorite restaurants, you haven’t eaten much all day, and you know the menu. Unless the special grabs your attention you already know what you’re ordering. You can picture it in your mind. You see it in front of you. You can taste it, that first yummy bite, melting in your mouth. The aroma. Your mouth waters just thinking about it. Just like this hummer. Anticipation • The hummingbird’s tongue is 15-20 cm long, and is forked up to 1 cm at the tip. The forked tongue flicks in and out of the bill up to 12x per second trapping nectar and sweet fluids • Neither of us saw the male today, only this female. Has he begun his long journey south?

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