We awoke. In the same place, but under blue skies. Oh joy!
Anchors aweigh (that shouldn’t really be plural as I now have only one) and a gorgeous sail to Anstruther. Those Fife towns just look so fabulously picturesque from the sea. And Rog, being a Fifer, enjoyed the scene especially muchly. Well, judging by his use of digital photographic devices.
Into Ainster! Och, and it was rare. I shaved, I napped, we were visited by Big Phil and family coincidentally walking along from Pittenween, we visited two beer gardens, we had fish and chips and ate ‘em on the boat. Oh honestly, I bloody love this. Though unfortunately and agonisingly, the previous night’s bad sleep caught up on me and I struggled to last until 10pm and then I just had to turn in.
Yes, yes, hopefully into a better person.

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