Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


After a morning paddle on the lake this morning, Hubs and I took a nice 2 mile walk around the lake.  Along the way, we came across this old red fire truck that the camp ground maintains.  And that reminded me that I've not done a Derelict Sunday blip in quite a while...  I've posted a color shot in Extra.  Thanks to Marlieske for continuing the challenge.

I didn't sleep last night - not at all.  I've battled insomnia most of my adult life, but these last few days have been especially bad.  Not sure why as I am not feeling unduly stressed about anything.  Anyway, after our kayaking and walking, I went to the bedroom and took a 2-hour nap.  Feeling much better now.

It has been drizzling all afternoon, so we stayed close to "home".  I discovered a chipmunk checking out the kayak, so immediately dispensed some peanuts which he approved of heartily.  Then, I saw a little Green Heron land near our campsite and tried to stealthily get into view with a camera - he was on to me and flew further down the shore and into some tall marsh grass.  Later a big bald eagle was making lazy loops over the lake - there is a pair that nests near here so you can almost always counting on seeing at least one.  Magnificent creatures.

Really enjoying our time away.  It is good for us to both have a change of scenery and an excuse to do nothing.  And now, I think it is time for a glass of wine...

Be kind, be loving, be safe.


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