Day 163 It's Tiny Tuesday

Today was warm and sunny, warm enough even to sit out for a while in the garden and the perfect day to line dry several loads of washing.  I haven't really followed the remit for today's TT challenge but just thought that I'd give the hardy geraniums and enthusiastic bee visitors another turn on Blip.  The flowers are looking a little worn now, as were the wings of this bee from certain angles.
In extras is Violet proudly showing the tiny carrot that we grew from seed, planted all those weeks ago in March.  By the time we'd cut the leaves off and scrubbed away the rooty strands, it was even tinier!

The day after tomorrow, Violet will be back at school, full time for the first time since 20 March.  Being in year 1 last year she did do half days in June and July but very few children attended.  We won't be dropping off ourselves until next week: it will be interesting to see how it works with presumably full school attendance.

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