Glitter galore!

Digital group today and C and I tried a tutorial on glittery letters etc.!  I used a number of different colours just to see what it will give and then thought 'What if I invert it?'  That's the light coloured insert!  

This was all done in Photoshop CS5.  Previously I have been trying to make a spaghetti brush in Procreate.  Eventually I made it work and learnt a lot in the process!!

More good news: 'Strickly come dancing' is happening this year despite the virus  - a great feel good show!! 

And B came and had a well distanced piece of cake (which she brought) with us this morning!  I also did a lot of cleaning in the kitchen!  Changed the sheets and dried them in the garden and just brought them in as it started to rain!

The bad news is that I don't think we will go for our walk today as it's raining!

Last night, midnight, the powers that be decided to release lockdown for Bolton but 12 hours later after being pleaded with by the Bolton Councillors they have reinstated it!!  So now she can't come here but we can meet in a coffee shop!!

After my blip of the foreshortehned car yesterday Ro showed me this article!!

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