By dunkyc


How many screens is too many? Probably about the number pictured here?

I’d moved my back room/office around as I was bored of staring at a blank wall behind the monitors and wanted the desk back under the window to a) make the most of the light coming in and b) to keep an eye on the comings and goings of the birds.

This paid off instantly as I saw a robin in the yard for the first time! 

Back to school day went well for the wee ones and they seemed in fine fettle on our catch up video call. The Eldest seems a little nervous, but I’m sure she will do fine!

A fine day was rounded out with a couple of hours on a Zoom call to write some script amendments with the panto director (hence the additional screens) which resulted in much laughter, merriment and comments like “no, that’s probably a bit far” or “I don’t think children would understand that” and “we’d get sued this year for sure”.

It will be a hell of a challenge putting it on, as only a certain amount of people can be on stage at any one time and no audience participation (a staple of panto – oh yes it is) is allowed. We’ve a couple of ideas up our sleeve and if we’re even half as funny as we think we are, hopefully there should be a couple of giggles to be found!

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