By dunkyc

Strike a chord

The return to work from holiday has been long and tedious. How can a four-day week feel longer than the normal five days?

I really did effortlessly switch off from it while I was away and now I’m back, seem to be struggling to find the switch to flick the work brain back on. Already I’ve made a couple of silly, senseless errors, which haven’t been helped by a stoopid head cold….

It is remarkable how this Covid age has wormed its way into our psyche, because any other time, I would just be thinking “Oh, I have a cold, how annoying”, but now now there is that tiny sliver of doubt that eats away at you and questions whether a test should be done “to be on the safe side”. However, I checked the list of symptoms again and I’m not exhibiting Covid type stuff, so it’s looking likely that I will pull through whilst serving as a good reminder that other illnesses are still available out there!

I blundered on and this evening sat at the piano for a little while. Sadly, the piano brain would appear to be a close relative of the work one and the sounds that emanated from within were not pleasant to behold.

Need to up my game sooner rather than later as lessons resume next Monday and I’ve home work to do!

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