Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

The Shepherd

Wet again today, though after lunch the sun came out and tempted me to go out to bring down some stones and rocks from the bank above the house. Then it began to rain again so I gave up. 
Catching up with a bit of family history and had another look at my little book - 'The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain'. The shepherd, David Saunders, 1726-1796, was my 5x great-grandfather,  a Methodist preacher (in his spare time!) and father of 16 children, and this book, or tract I suppose, was written by Hannah More. Hannah, 1745-1833, was one of the most influential women of her day. A successful poet, playwright and campaigner, she was a champion of social reform, female education and the abolition of slavery - she was a friend of William Pitt. Originally published in 1795, this copy was a gift to a James Glegg, but more recently belonged to my mother and was probably an 1874 edition.

Talking about divinity, my daughter commented yesterday on various rhyming words such as divinity and vicinity, so this is a brand new limerick!

Limerick of the Day:

A priest from the Southwark vicinity 
Had an unusual view of divinity.
With an ostracized cleric
And a Baptist named Derek
He invented a post-modern Trinity!

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